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Accounting & Taxation

Our services includes:

Annual Accounts preparation

We all know every business needs to prepare a set of accounts annually in order to comply with statutory requirements. Perhaps that is why most of people would normally hire accountants for.

We, at Amex Associates, look at it from a different angle. We use the accounting process as a powerfull tool to provide you with absolute control of your business’s costs and revenues. We don’t do historical accounts i-e prepare them on a date which well past the point when you could have actually been able to influence the course of your business by taking timely decisions. Infact, as your accountants, we are always there throughout the year to advise you on the implications of the decisions you might want to take during the course of running your business.


Our expert tax advice and proactive approach in order to assess what is your likely tax liability enables us to provide you with multiple options to plan things in the most tax efficient manner. Our services range from personal tax to incorporated businesses to complex capital gains tax and inheritance tax planning.


Let’s face it, you can’t do everything yourself in your business. Someone has to be given the task of preparing your books. However, in most cases, especially start-ups, the costs can be a put off. We can help you by providing the most cost efficient solution. We provide bookkeeping solutions tailored specifically for your business and flexible enough to accommodate the size and the extent of work required.

We will first assess the bookkeeping requirements of your business and then suggest a range of solution that work around you. These solutions will include use of standard or industry specific bookkeeping softwares. You will only be provided with what you actually need depending on the size of your business and the level of skill required thereby reducing your costs significantly.


Our payroll department provide you with complete bureau services including employee payslips, P11Ds, Employer returns, CIS Contractors monthly and annual returns and in-year services for employers and employees such as starters and leavers, calculations of statutory sick pay, maternity pay etc.


We provide services to VAT registered businesses in order to complete and submit their monthly or quarterly VAT returns. We also help new businesses register with HM Revenue & Customs for VAT. Our bookkeeping services above include completion and submission of your VAT returns.