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Tax gap remains low

HMRC has published a report showing that the UK tax gap in 2017/18 is estimated to be £35 billion.  This is 5.6% of total theoretical tax liabilities, and a small increase of 0.1% from 5.5% in 2016/17. HMRC therefore secured 94.4% of all tax due. The tax gap is the difference between the amount of tax that should be paid to HMRC compared to what is actually paid. Further details in the repo...
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Why blog?

Using Blog Content to Attract New Business David Tile, Founder @ Article-Writing.co You know the basic equation that renders blog content valuable for your small business. You promote your content, you get more traffic, more traffic means more leads, etc. It’s all pretty simple in theory, but you can’t simply slap up a blog or two and expect to get great and instant results. ...
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